Belonging Bravely

Uncovering My Own Childhood Prejudice

Our surroundings teach and shape us.  As children, it’s even more impactful as we begin to learn ideas, beliefs, and cultural norms.   Fifty years ago, Indigenous peoples were called ‘Indians’ and for our family from India, we were called ‘East Indians’. Yes, the word ‘Indian’ was still used in 1969 when we moved to a […]

“It takes a lot to look this natural” I said

BIPOC leaders, in my experience, have both at times an unawareness and resistance to getting personal development support. Understandably as I hear words from these leaders that I heard growing up ‘do it yourself, no one can (is going) to help you’.   There is truth to this, as we unpack the systemic oppressive patterns in organizations. AND, I […]

Leadership – Navigating Sense of Responsibility

I have created a team to help me support Women of Culture™ leaders. How exciting! These two wonderful Women of Culture™ align with my work through lived experience while bringing their expertise. Knowing in the past 26 years of my ‘first’ career I have led many teams, this is unlike any of the others. And […]

What can I do if I see Anti-Asian Hate?

As a check-in with fellow coaches at Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, we shared our thoughts/feelings about the latest horrific Anti-Asian hate crime in Atlanta. The hour-long ZOOM call was cathartic.   As Canadian, American gun violence always jolts me. The targeted murder of eight in Atlanta was no exception. Violence with hate at a demographic, culture – stuns […]

Romper, bomper, stomper, boo….and I see Kanchan

As a five-year-old, every day I would weave my body, stretch my head as high as I could so I could be seen. These daily actions all happen in our living room, in front of the television in the early ’70s. At the end of my favorite show Romper Room, the teacher would hold up a magic […]