Belonging Bravely

Creating Brave Spaces vs Just Safe Spaces in The Workplace

In today’s workplace, creating a safe space for team members to share their thoughts and ideas is crucial for fostering a positive and productive work environment. Safe spaces are great, but they’re not enough to create meaningful change such as advancing marginalized leaders. In order to truly encourage innovation, creativity, and learning, it is important […]

Racial Healing in the Workplace: How Leaders Can Take Action

In today’s world, racial healing in the workplace is essential for creating an environment of acceptance and understanding. But it’s not always easy to find a safe space where difficult conversations about racism, privilege, and oppression can be had without fear of judgment or disrespect. Often they are not addressed at all. Luckily, with the […]

Challenging Personal Cultural Beliefs Can Be Good For Your Leadership

When it comes to leadership, one of the most challenging but ultimately rewarding things you can do is challenge your own cultural beliefs. This isn’t easy, as our cultural beliefs are often deeply ingrained and can be an integral part of our identity. However, by actively seeking out opportunities to question these beliefs, we can […]

Pausing to Reflect on The Lessons & Blessings of 2022

As I look ahead to 2023, I’m pausing to reflect on the lessons and blessings of 2022. Life has been great, as I move through delivering two coaching programs to diverse leaders at the largest Canadian bank. Doing exactly what I have always wanted to do – to have an impact on diverse leaders (women and […]

What is Your Flavor of Abundance?

As we dive deep into the last weeks of the year, it’s a good time to look at what abundance looks like for you right now. For many of us, abundance is an ongoing struggle. Society tells us that if we want to be happy and successful then we must be focused on abundance. But […]

A Subtle And Surprising Way We Can Diminish Ourselves 

For me, the three waves of Covid have been very favorable compared to many other women leaders I have coached and worked with over this period. For example, I was grateful that my adult children did not need homeschooling or meals made. As well, more gratitude for my work thriving, with the only simple blip […]

Uncovering My Own Childhood Prejudice

Our surroundings teach and shape us.  As children, it’s even more impactful as we begin to learn ideas, beliefs, and cultural norms.   Fifty years ago, Indigenous peoples were called ‘Indians’ and for our family from India, we were called ‘East Indians’. Yes, the word ‘Indian’ was still used in 1969 when we moved to a […]

“It takes a lot to look this natural” I said

BIPOC leaders, in my experience, have both at times an unawareness and resistance to getting personal development support. Understandably as I hear words from these leaders that I heard growing up ‘do it yourself, no one can (is going) to help you’.   There is truth to this, as we unpack the systemic oppressive patterns in organizations. AND, I […]