Building a world of belonging for women of culture who lead.

My name is Kanchan Prinsloo and I’m the founder of KaPri Consulting. Thank you for being here.

I am a woman of culture.

What I mean by Woman of Culture is that my heritage is not represented in the dominant culture. I am often “othered” and find myself outside of the norm. All of my values, the culture I was raised in, and the lens through which I navigate life, are unique.

I believe this combination of factors has led to my success as a leader.

About Kanchan Prinsloo | Kapri Consulting

I’ve been leading teams for 26 years. And because I have a different perspective on the world and am sensitive to the innate human need to belong, my approach has always been relationship-based. My teams consistently rewarded me with efficiency, loyalty, and trust.

The most meaningful compliments I receive are:

‘I always felt like I belonged.’
‘No matter how much I came to you, I always felt heard.’

I believe that as leaders if we aren’t looking for these types of comments from our women of culture, we’re missing a significant opportunity to do more good in the world.

I also believe that as women of culture, we have a responsibility to invest in our personal and professional development so we can be effective, well-supported leaders.

Learn more about how I help women of culture leaders and leaders of women of culture.

Kanchan's clients include:

Manulife, TD Bank, Canadian Pension Plan, RBC Bank, Scotiabank, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, Bell Media, City of Markham, BlackRock, Deloitte, HSBC, BrandActive, Group M, Corning, Yahoo Media, Fidelity Investments.

The 4 Pillars of Kapri Consulting


I believe that each of us has a responsibility to use whatever power that we have to make the world a better place for everyone around us. This is how I live and lead.


I am a student of the world and look at each day as an opportunity to question something new so that I can learn, grow, and share.


The desire to belong is a basic human need. I am in business to do whatever I can to help women of culture feel like they belong.


I like going to bed with a clear conscience each night. I value integrity in others and I want others to see integrity in me.