"It takes a lot to look this natural" I said

“It takes a lot to look this natural” I said

BIPOC leaders, in my experience, have both at times an unawareness and resistance to getting personal development support. Understandably as I hear words from these leaders that I heard growing up ‘do it yourself, no one can (is going) to help you’.   There is truth to this, as we unpack the systemic oppressive patterns in organizations. AND, I add we as BIPOC leaders with greater self-awareness can/need to tap into resources that are necessary for our growth.  Why? For our well-being and in turn our teams and organizations.

When taking a domestic flight from a small airport in British Columbia, airport security scrutinized my example of their requirement for a small Ziploc bag of liquids. I was surprised as a frequent flier this was the first time I’d been questioned. My comment to the woman at airport security was “It takes a lot for me to look this natural”. We both laughed, with my laugh being one of honesty. 

Speed ahead to today, where I support leaders in their leadership journey creating an impact on teams, organizational practices, profit and loss, and the culture of organizations.  A question I get asked by executives how are you so clear and grounded? The first simple answer is – I am not personally connected to the challenge so immediately have separation with clarity and the second answer is – with practice and support. 

Looking for my first home, I recall my real estate agent saying we need to set aside 3% of the value of the house for annual repairs and maintenance. And hearing a professional image consultant at a woman’s retreat say one needed to invest 5% of annual on business clothing, by adding pieces to your wardrobe. Today, I tweak this philosophy and set aside 15% percentage of my annual salary for my personal development. I surround myself with top leaders in their fields for my growth. 

Now, who are these people for me? I have four areas of support that I am committed to:

  • Coaching Mastermind Group.  A group of 25 global top caliber coaches where I get to hear and share my journey. The community is curated by a leader who challenges my thinking and embodies the values he shares.  
  • Executive Coach. I practice what I believe in. My coach works with Fortune 100 companies and helps with my leadership growth and perspectives. 
  • Transformation Coach / program. I work with a global coaching leader to continue to align my being with my work.   
  • Accountability Writing Group.  A committed community of 20 leaders who are passionate and compassionate on the writing journey. Helping me get my voice out.

So to answer the question from leaders I work with, it takes a lot of intention and practices for me to coach/facilitate/speak naturally.  To be my best, I do not hesitate to access the best leaders in their fields for support and give myself a clear space to practice.   The leaders expand my thinking, give me a sense of belonging, and propel me into being of service to my souls’ calling. Ensuring I create space in a day to do the practices, help me align with the learnings. For me, as a BIPOC leader, my emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial investment has been very generative.  

How do you invest in yourself, so you show up more naturally? 

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