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Leadership – Navigating Sense of Responsibility

I have created a team to help me support Women of Culture™ leaders. How exciting! These two wonderful Women of Culture™ align with my work through lived experience while bringing their expertise. Knowing in the past 26 years of my ‘first’ career I have led many teams, this is unlike any of the others. And yet I feel a greater sense of heaviness.

So what is different?

First, I’m mindful my work in supporting Women Of Culture™ leaders is the most personal it has ever been, for me. My work asks me also to share more of myself in ways that I have not had to before. I have spent a lot of my life actively trying not to show my vulnerability. Secondly, I have a responsibility to do this right, not only for the quality of work but also for the women I serve. What rises to the top for me is, leading women of color to be their best self is personal.

Has anyone else had that same feeling on a project or work team that feels heavy? Is it because it is a responsibility that you hold for yourself or the work is personal? Either way, when taken to extremes it distorts the area you have heaviness. Two extreme emotions are felt as when things are going great, it feels one is soaring about the clouds with an immense sense of action and having an impact. Reversely, the lows can be low, filled with questions where doubt and indecision creep in and sometimes overstay their welcome.

These highs and lows, shift us off of what we may know to be true. In fact, the up and down movement of being on that teeter-totter keeps us so busy we don’t know what the real truth may be.

Knowing my truth is personal and has me take a few steps to connect to the bigger picture and out of the weeds (in my thinking and doing). I can then with confidence share my vulnerabilities with key people giving me access to my unique skills to advance Women Of Culture™ leaders.

In heart-centered coaching, conversations I have learned I’m not alone.  Women Of Culture™ leaders that a great sense of over-responsibility and personal ownership. This leads to a distorted view of the situation. Until we can reconnect to our greater purpose (with our teams, with our projects) we can be reduced to seeing only what is not working and deeper ownership. Remembering and returning to the high-level goals is key for our leadership.

Acknowledging and Celebrating Success

Women Of Culture™ generally do not acknowledge or celebrate successes. Our focus is completing tasks or thinking of the tasks that still need completing. Taking time to reflect and acknowledge our accomplishments is critical to our well-being as a leader. Only when we pause and reflect on what we have achieved, can we grow a positive mindset which in turn strengthens our confidence. It is our responsibility to build the belief in ourselves and it starts with celebrating.

Three ways to celebrate wins:

1. Share with a loved one, speaking it to another is powerful

2. Write it down, keep a success journal

3. Pamper yourself – for me that is going for a walk, reading a book, or when out of the Pandemic, having a massage

What is a way that could celebrate your successes?

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